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Helpful link for Healthy Homes standards

Since it’s conception, there have been a multitude of updates made to Healthy Homes Standards and the relevant compliance dates. It can now be quite complicated to figure out what compliance dates relate to each property. Fortunately, Tenancy Services have been really quick to update their website since the big updates took effect 26/11/22, and they have released a neat new online assessment tool.

Here’s the link

We recommend you use it to really help plan and prioritise an ‘audit proof’ maintenance schedule for your property portfolio.

Currently the Government has not released a ruling on how long a Healthy Homes Report is valid for. Given that items covered in each of the standards have the capacity to fail at any time, our reports are only valid as at the time and day of the original report.

Therefore, not only do we recommend you book in early and prioritise getting your properties fully compliant; but that you also keep checking the standards regularly to make sure they continue to comply.

Contact us today if you need a hand with your planning or completing remedial works.

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