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Rental Property Services

We work with property agents for all their residential & commercial property maintenance, repairs, additions and fitouts. We offer a 24-hour call out service for urgent works, and are available at short notice for our property agents.

We can carry out your routine property inspections and work with you to establish regular maintenance schedules & programming.

We are masters at planning and building budget minded kitchen and bathroom makeovers and can utilise recycled building components to keep costs down if needed (building code permitting).

We can also look after garden maintenance and tidy ups, and any minor tree trimming, gutter/spouting cleaning, house cleaning, concrete and paving pressure cleaning.

Chris is a ‘one stop shop’. Over the years he has gained a great deal of experience and skill and can do most smaller jobs himself to reduce the need to engage subtrades. This includes concreting, plastering, tiling, painting, and insulating. If we do need to bring a professional in though, we will. We have a strong network of subtrades we use and trust.


Healthy Homes reporting is a major initiative affecting owners of all residential rental properties in New Zealand.

From 1st December 2020 (formerly 1st July 2020), landlords must include a statement of their current level of compliance with the ‘Healthy Homes’ standards in their Section 13A document for any new, varied or renewed tenancy agreement.

If you are unsure what this is all about – please click here.

We are in a unique situation as we cover all phases of the reporting to ensure your property is fully compliant with the Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Regulations 2019.

We can inspect your property and provide you an easy to understand report on whether it complies with the 5 ‘Healthy Homes’ standards, as at the time and date of the onsite inspection. If there are standards your property is not compliant with, we can help remedy this.”

With Prowess Building Ltd, you have peace of mind knowing the summary we provide has been carried out or supervised by a trade qualified Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).

We know what to look for

We know the building code

We know how to fix any problems we may find

Contact us to book an inspection so you don’t leave your tenants ‘out in the cold’.

Here’s an example of a compliance Certificate.


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