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HOT TIP regarding new builds

A heads up to those planning a new build, be it starting from scratch or thinking of purchasing a finished product. The heating standard required for ‘Healthy Homes Standards’ has specific factors it considers, and also slightly exceeds the current building industry standards – so be forewarned – insist the Heatpump you get installed meets the Healthy Homes Standards, and try to steer away from having a huge open space as your main living area.

For example, if you have stairs, plan to put a door down the bottom to reduce the heating capacity required. You never know when you might want (or need) to rent that home out.

If you are unsure at all or would like an independent opinion, we can view your plans and run a Heating Assessment report for you very quickly at a minimal charge. Have peace of mind, not the heartache we have seen several new owners/landlords go through recently.

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